Grammar and punctuation

This page contains handouts about specific issues--such as punctuation and pronoun use--from NU courses, as well as references to handbooks and websites that cover a large range of grammatical issues.

Common grammar problems
A handout (from a Northwestern course) discussing problems with commas, run-on sentences, and vague pronouns

Punctuation of quotations
A reference guide (from a Northwestern course) for students working on analytical and research papers

Good grammar handbooks
There are many excellent handbooks on the market with advice about writing, grammar, usage, punctuation, documentation, etc. Here are some that faculty in the Writing Program have used.

This handout (from a Northwestern writing course) provides explanations and illustrations of semicolon use. It can be helpful for students whose papers have many run-on sentences or comma splices.

OWL -- The Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Offers many resources on grammar and punctuation