Research papers

Sources used in writing research papers should be credible, relevant, and cited correctly according to the required format.   The documents below--from Northwestern instructors--provide explanations and illustrations of how to do those things.

Annotated bibliography
A handout distributed to students before they submit the first draft of their research paper.  Its purpose is to get students to vet their potential sources and think about how they’ll use each in writing the draft.

Footnotes--art history seminar
Explanations, advice--using footnotes in Art History

Formatting and citing quotes
This document explains proper MLA formatting of in-text citations, as well as how to integrate quotations into a prose paragraph

Research presentation instructions
Instructions on giving a short oral/slide presentation on a research paper topic

Why don't my NUCAT searches yield many results?
Link to advice from a history seminar on how to search the NU library online catalog effectively

How do I sift through the scholarship on my topic?
Link to advice from a history seminar on how to compile useful secondary sources

Evaluating research sources for credibility
From an NU writing course, this handout offers criteria for evaluating whether a research source is credible.

NU library research sources
Students can use this reference guide to find books in NUcat, and articles in EXAC and LexisNexis.